Acció>Cinema is an initiative promoted by Catalunya Film Festivals, in collaboration with the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation and the Department of Culture, which promotes audiovisuals as a tool for building a trained, critical and mobilized citizenry.

Familia was commissioned to build the project’s name, narrative and graphic identity in a coordinated way.

  • Client:
    CFF / Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Music:
    Nil Ciuró
  • Typeface:
    Founders Grotesk

Naming and logotype

From three strong ideas – a) cinema is a great tool for social transformation; b) transformation is based on an active, committed attitude & c) problems, goals and solutions are global and interconnected – we built the project’s name and logotype with three linguistic elements:

1. “Acció” (Action) emphasizes an active, transformative organization that acts in the first person. It also recounts the idea of ​​empowerment, capacity, and critical and active thinking. Beside this, it links to various themes, objectives and attitudes in the world of cooperation: rights, feminism, integration, solidarity, migration, ecology and social justice, amongst others.

2. “>” It is a symbol of movement, of advancing, of connecting concepts, of looking for linked solutions.

3. “Cinema” focuses on the context as well as the initiative’s medium. In addition, it creates a sentence where the actions result in cinema, so that it becomes the main tool of intervention.

Graphic language

From the point of view of a diverse and interconnected world, and based on the idea of an active attitude, Familia develops a graphic language for Acció>Cinema which allows for further graphic elements.

Communication & graphic applications

Using mostly typography and color, several graphic pieces have been created in order to have a simple to use but powerful and flexible communication tool.


Familia also took charge of the brand new Acció>Cinema website –>


A public manifesto was chosen as the main communication element in order to summarize all the concepts that aim to be achieved through this initiative.

Acció>Cinema believes in a transformative cinema, committed and with values. A critical, active and reactive cinema that connects realities, and where the public is the protagonist. A cinema with a local and global point of view, where solutions are talked about. A cinema that makes you think, that fights, that changes the world.