Centre Cívic Can Felipa

Can Felipa is a civic center in Poblenou, a district of Barcelona. Restored in 1991, this former textile factory has become a reference point for people who live in the area. The center organises various activities, courses and workshops, striving to provide a catalyst and a dynamic for the cultural and social life of the neighbourhood.

In collaboration with Dani Navarro we created the new identity, as well as a series of quarterly event booklets.

  • Client:
    Centre Cívic Can Felipa
  • Collaboration:
    Dani Navarro

The building as a reference

The building, built in the English style of the late 19th century, has mansard (or French roof) features, with windows and triangular pediments, which are very unusual in the city of Barcelona.

The logo and graphic system are constructed from this triangular shape, making up a multipurpose logo, abstract and minimalist, which endows the identity with a strong and aesthetic character.

Activities program

In the design of the quarterly agenda, the geometric forms of identity are combined to form compositions of two colours, always combining a fluor and a conventional ink.