Covid-19 Barcelona

Barcelona City Council commissioned Familia the communication and signage system during the covid-19 pandemic. This project follows the ongoing Barcelona’s city works with an easy implementation module system made up of color, text and pictograms. The project includes the development of the full iconographic family and illustrations needed to communicate all the information derived from the social and urban pandemic related mesures.

  • Client:
    Barcelona City Council

Symbolic Alphabet

Using a friendly and familiar language, the icons communicate in a quick glance the main theme or concept. They are clear and easy to assimilate by the majority of the citizens. This huge work includes more than a hundred icons.

Modular Grid

The modular grid helps to hierarchize the content (text and icons) of the pieces in an orderly and simple way. The spatial divisions allow the pieces to work with both long and short texts, thus facilitating the Barcelona City Council in-house design work.

Covid-19 General Communication

The general applications use three basic colors to add meaning to the selected items. Blue color is used for rules and advices to prevent Covid-19 pandemia. Red is for closed spaces and where circulation is not allowed. Green is used for open spaces and where circulation is allowed.

Hygienic mesures instructions

Familia commissioned the studio Forma the proper hygiene illustrations for the  instructions placed in Barcelona City Council’s buildings. The result is a beautiful collection of synthetic, contemporary and aesthetic illustrations.

Communication areas

Another graphic system for the four city communication areas was developed. These include economics, social rights, ecology-mobility, and sport-culture. This proposal contrasts with the informative general measures design. Whereas the first follows an strictly monochrome DNA, this one uses a more communicative and colored approach.