Port Olímpic

The Barcelona’s Port Olímpic was designed to integrate into the new maritime profile of Barcelona. It is surrounded by two of the city’s most important urban beaches, Somorrostro and Nova Icària, it faces the Olympic Village, today converted into a dynamic residential district and borders some of the architectural icons of Barcelona in the nineties: the Mapfre Tower, the Hotel Arts and the sinuous profile of Frank Gehry’s sculpture.

Familia was commissioned to create the corporate visual system to develop all the communication materials.

  • Client:
    Port Olímpic / B:SM
  • Illustrations & map:

The graphic system

Based on the Port Olímpic’s existing logo, the work involved the creation of the corporate graphic system. A grid and its graphic rules derived from the logos’ wave and colors, allow all identity applications to be designed with the same communication mold.

Brand identity applications

Based on the identity elements of the Port Olímpic logo, we build a completely new graphic system. Since the proposal is both conservative and disruptive, the graphic elements such as color and waves are not new, but the way in which these elements are used is new, contemporary, and systematized.

Illustrations and map

Familia commissioned Forma to create corporate illustrations and map that would coexist with the proposed syntethic and geometrical graphic system for Port Olmpic’s new communication.

Blue Economy & Gastronomy

All the activity related to the blue economy and gastronomy is built into a sub-identity where new colors appear to define the different activities and businesses of Port Olímpic.