Voluntari@s por Madrid

The “Voluntari@s por Madrid” campaign aims to disseminate the municipal volunteer program, autonomous, attractive and self-sufficient, with a very varied and flexible program. In addition, the campaign aims to strengthen the group idea, belonging in the city of Madrid. The focus of the campaign is directed towards the volunteers, presenting them as autonomous, active, happy, integrative and collaborative people.

  • Client:
    Madrid City Council
  • Animation:
    Álex Galiano & Félix Ruiz

Campaign Concept and Design

The concept of the campaign and its graphic formalization is based on the idea that Volunteers are a team. Each volunteer person is a piece of a puzzle. When volunteers partner and work together they build wonderful things for Madrid and for themselves.

The campaign’s color palette comes from the volunteer’s gilet, a very recognizable identity element.

“Together” iconography language

In order to illustrate each concept of the campaign, several icons are made. Under the idea of team the dots build icons. Each icon explains a specific part of the volunteers program: sports, culture, dogs, children and the elderly.

There’s also two generic icons: the famous volunteers gilet and the Madrid’s “Oso y el Madroño”. The first icon communicates the teamwork and the second links with the idea of building Madrid, all together.