Familia is a graphic design studio that works with groups of typefaces, colours, materials, formats, solutions and people, with experience in the fields of graphic identity, editorial design, packaging, website and apps.

Our birth

We are an independent graphic design studio located in Barcelona and founded by Aleix Artigal.

A graduate from the UAB’s EINA University School of Design and Art, Aleix Artigal began his professional career as a designer in the renowned studio Basedesign where he worked for more than five years.

He continued his career as an independent designer for local and international clients, developing cultural, institutional and commercial projects.

Familia was born in 2017, a project that arose from a desire to provide a more global and effective professional response to clients.

Holistic Design

In Familia we think about design in a holistic way. We do not believe in isolated solutions. We believe in complete, coherent and consistent graphic solutions adapted to the specific needs of each project. Solutions that serve as a graphic vehicle to help our customers structure and identify themselves.

We believe in aesthetic and functional design, synthetic and minimalist, that communicates, organises and excites. We believe that design has to be based on objective criteria and, at the same time, to carry a style of its own. We are well aware that we won’t save the world with our work, but we like to think that we make it more livable.

Shared results

The design we do is the fruit of the work shared by designers, programmers, collaborators, printers and clients. We are all on the same adventure.

We work as a team, each with a role and function. The client sets us a goal. The two sides present, listen, discuss. With the help of all our collaborators, we offer a solution.

We truly believe in teamwork.


Our work is the result of the effort and dedication of a large number of people, each having contributed a part of the process.

Job and Internship offers

We are looking for designers who share our philosophy, and who are full of energy, motivation and are willing to work in a team. If you think you have the chops, get in touch.

Contact & Social

Mèxic 17, 6. 08004 Barcelona
T +34 93 426 50 45