Andorra Kids’ Film Festival

Andorra Kids’ Film Festival is a film, music and contemporary arts festival in Andorra, a space for intergenerational relationships where kids, young and old, are drawn together by a common desire to share culture and new experiences.

Its heterogeneous programming includes high quality short films and feature films, projected – and often prized – at the main international film festivals and not usually screened in commercial theatres.

  • Client:
    Andorra Kids Film Festival

Graphic System and Logotype

Both graphic system and logotype are constructed with the three most basic geometrical shapes: circle, square and triangle.

The logo is formed from the synthetic abstraction of a video camera, resulting in four geometrical pieces of kids educational games.

The graphic system mixes these pieces and the use of color in order to create all the applications.

Poster and Programme

To adjust costs, AKFF printed a single folding programme, which also worked as a street poster.