Barcelona Jewish Film Festival 2016

The annual Barcelona Jewish Film Festival hosts Jewish films and films related to Jewish culture. Since 2016 the festival began taking place at Filmoteca de Catalunya, which marked an important step in its history.

Coinciding with this move, we were commissioned to completely redesign the brand and all its graphic line.

  • Client:
    Festival de Cinema Jueu de Barcelona

The versatile C & J Framework

The initials C and J (Jewish Film, or ‘Cinema Jueu’ in Catalan), with its abstract and geometric shapes, are inspired by the Hebrew alphabet and compose the frame of the festival’s films. These two typographic forms become flexible elements that unify all the communication pieces within the graphic space.

The proportions of the letters are adapted to the dimensions of each usage, which allows for applications in different formats without losing the graphic identity.

The 2016 edition

For the premiere of the new identity, we chose a fresh colour, inspired by the colours of the screen, which highlights the renewed and contemporary style of the graphic applications.