Gambling Risks

Gambling and it’s risks are always a difficult topic in terms of communication and the target audience is broad, ranging from teenagers to adults.

The campaign had three different goals: raise awareness of the real dangers of gambling, alert of the usual deceptions in the advertising of betting companies and communicate the support service of the Institute of Addictions of Madrid.

We feel really proud of being able to collaborate with Madrid City Hall to raise awareness of this issue.


  • Client:
    Madrid City Council
  • Animations:

Idealization vs Reality

The campaign’s concept is based on the dichotomy idealization versus reality based on 3 models “You play it safe / and that doesn’t even exist”, “You’ve got it easy / to lose” and “You play with friends / but you sink alone”.

The graphic proposal is based on translating these two worlds: the idealized one, and the real one. The idealized world with typical gambling colors code and it’s publicity. The real world with a black background. We use a concise, direct, contemporary and synthetic campaign, avoiding any unnecessary formal excess.