Cinesa Cornie’s

Established in 1944, with more than 40 movie theaters and 22 million spectators, Cinesa is Spain’s leading company dedicated to cinematographic exhibition. They commissioned us to design the visual identity for Cornie’s, the new brand meant to reposition their popcorn.

For the development of this project, we partnered with the graphic design studio Forma.

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Logotype and typographic system

The logo design and typographic system focus on the concepts of “popcorn” and “cinema”, being inspired by the uppercase and condensed typefaces of the world of cinema, posters and film labels. The use of exploding and floating letters creates a very clear link with the effect of freshly made popcorn, one of the differential values of Cornie’s, becoming a visual metaphor of the product itself.

By giving it a slightly bolder and rounded finish, we also made it more eye-catching and popcorn-like.

Cornie’s characters

Cornie’s is a brand intimately linked to the experience and magic of movies. Cinema is fun and entertainment, and so is popcorn time. By customizing the popcorn, we get an optimistic, cheerful and relaxed brand with a good sense of humor, irresistibly funny, uninhibited and with a touch of irreverence. All the characters come from motion pictures’ world and its imaginary, positioning Cornie’s as “the cinema’s popcorn”.

Packaging and communication

The graphic proposal had to provide solutions to different sizes of popcorn boxes without losing its core identity. The branding system also allows to create multiple and diverse applications preserving the brand’s DNA, producing a coherent result with a lot of personality.

Cornie’s de Sabores

Cornie’s also has a premium version of alternative and surprising flavors called Cornie’s de Sabores (Flavored Cornie’s). This sub-brand’s popcorn is eccentric, unusual and special. The graphic solution is closely linked to the original design but with a distinctive character distinguishing them from each other, going in line with this “specialness” of different flavors and colors.

Cornie’s Launch Campaign

The brand and launch campaign appropriate the codes of the cinema realm. Similar to a premiere of a film, different strategic objectives are met: generating curiosity and expectation and also explaining, in an elegant and entertaining way, that Cornie’s is the cinema’s popcorn.