Barcelona City Works

Barcelona City Council asked Familia to renew the graphic system for municipal works. Focusing in the positive, the main objective was to communicate the urban improvements that the works cause to citizens, without losing signage function.

The new graphic proposal explains the kind of municipal works that are being performed and gives citizens information about the final purpose: building a bike lane, improving street lighting, etc. In this way, citizens can meet the end result before it’s done.

  • Client:
    Ajuntament de Barcelona

Modular Grid

The modular grid helps to hierarchize the content (text and icons) of the pieces in an orderly and simple way. The spatial divisions allow the pieces to work with both long and short texts, thus facilitating the Barcelona City Council design work.


Using a friendly and familiar language, the icons communicate in a quick glance the type of work that is being carried out. They are clear and easy to assimilate by the majority of the citizens.

Building a graphic Family

A full family of General Works, Pla de Barris Works, Superillas Works, Green Areas Works and Bike Lanes works are generated, each one with its colors and graphic resources but maintaining the essence of the same graphic family, building a flexible but recognizable signage system.

General Works

The general applications are constructed using the characteristic colors of construction site signs, yellow and black. Brown was added to make the system richer and to reduce rejection.

Pla de Barris Works

Pla de Barris (The Neighborhood Plan) is a program to reverse the inequalities between the neighborhoods of the city of Barcelona and that is developed in a total of 16 districts divided into three axes: Besòs, Muntanya Turons i Litoral.

This plan already had a previously created graphic identity, where the speech bubles and the red color stood out. For this reason we wanted to conserve the essence by adapting it to the new more geometrical proposal in this plan works signage.

Superilles Works

The Superilles program is based on a new way of organizing the city and contributing to the improvement of air quality, prioritizing the pedestrian and followed by bicycles and public transport, and with the aim of making streets places for meeting and recreation.

The purple color symbolizes the hope for a better city and the characteristic form of the Barcelona street’s structure frames the text.

Green Areas Works

The works related to the green zones are represented with the green color and the black circles that symbolize the trees from an enlarged view.

Bike Lane Works

The works in the spaces destined to bike lane are represented with the blue color and the discontinuous lines.