Buildings and Homes Rehabilitation Financial Aid

Barcelona City Council campaign to help rehabilitate buildings and homes is framed within the global identity of the city’s Urban Regeneration Plan “Fem Barcelona”.

The campaign goal is to inform the public about the aid program for the rehabilitation of buildings and housing. In this way the idea to transmit is that the rehabilitation of the building or housing brings many benefits such as health, life quality and energy save, to residents of rehabilitated housing as well as to the rest of the citizens.

Among the many grants of the program, it is important to emphasize the energy transition of neighboring buildings and communities and the rehabilitation aids for flats that enter the Social Rental List.


  • Client:
    Ajuntament de Barcelona

The building brick grid

As part of the global identity of the Barcelona Urban Regeneration Plan “Fem Barcelona”, the campaign uses the same graphic resources as the global project, as color pads, icons and arrows.

The graphic difference is found in the lines that separate the color modules and their layout in space, which refer to the characteristic bricks of the buildings, thus making a figurative link with the shape of the homes and buildings.

If –> Then

The campaign is based on the simplicity of the concept if / then. If we rehabilitate the building we will be able to save energy, if we rehabilitate the building we could rent it at a fair price and if we rehabilitate the building we will gain quality of life.

In the same way, the arrows and the pictograms illustrate the same ideas in a symbolic pictorial form.