Fem Barcelona

Fem Barcelona is the city of Barcelona plan for urban regeneration and recovery of spaces. The priority objective is to improve the most vulnerable neighborhoods to revitalize them economically, socially and environmentally. Renovation, inclusiveness and sustainability are some of the concepts taken into account for the new graphic identity.

  • Client:
    Barcelona City Council
  • Copywriting:

The domino effect: everything is interconnected

The graphic proposal focuses on the idea that all actors of society are interconnected, this is why you can not deal with things in isolation, but as a whole system (agents involved, processes, and solutions).

In the same way, the graphic identity uses the metaphor of the domino effect, where a small movement can trigger a considerable long-term effect.

A graphic system and a logotype

More than using a logotype, the proposal shares the concepts using a graphic system made of units, colors, arrows, icons and texts, where the logo becomes the synthesis of the project, but not the core of the graphic identity system.