WHO Barcelona Office

The WHO Barcelona Office is a centre of excellence in health financing for universal health coverage that works with Member States across WHO’s European Region to promote evidence-informed policy making. Established in 1999, it is supported by the Government of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, Spain.

We are very happy to be commissioned to design the new corporate graphic identity.

  • Client:
    WHO Barcelona Office
  • Collaboration:
    Alex Prieto

The three layers

To conceptualize the identity, we propose a solution based on three layers, each of which coincides with one of the words that compose the acronym WHO: ‘World’, ‘Health’ and ‘Organization’.

‘World’ is the layer for DIVERSITY (images).
‘Health’ is the layer for LIFE (gradient).
‘Organitzation’ is the layer for ORDER (text).

The graphic proposal is a system of three layers (text, gradient & images) composing the identity through an amalgam of values and graphic solutions.

The gradient and it’s potential

The gradient is the graphic element that helps us represent concepts and values associated with WHO and graphically it’s a super versatile element.

The graphic system

Here are presented a series of fictitious applications to demonstrate the graphic system’s possibilities based on the three layer proposal.